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Some legal texts outline consultation procedures for certain activities specific to the forestry sector, for example regarding the classification of forests. Consultation has become increasingly established for the preparation of new norms, but there are no recognised procedures regarding the methods of consultation to be adopted. The points of view of forest communities are often not taken into account by the authorities during the decision-making process. Furthermore, communities do not always receive comprehensive information during the consultations.

Following the enactment of the Forest Code in 2002, the Ministry has often organised consultations to raise awareness in the communities. However, most of these exercises are carried out at the district chief level and do not reach the people directly affected by changes in forest norms. This has been evident in the processes to develop a Voluntary Partnership Agreement with the European Union and REDD+ initiatives. Consultation workshops have only taken place in Kinshasa and some main towns in the provinces. Therefore, the consultation process has only been partial.

Title a. Law no. 011/2002 of 29 August 2002 on the Forest Code,
b. Law 11/09 of 16 July 2011 on basic principles related to the protection of the environment.
c. Decree no. 08/08 of 08 April 2008 establishing the procedure for the establishment and disestablishment of forests.
d. Decree no. 08/09 of 08 April 2008 establishing the procedure for allocating forest concessions,
e. Ministerial Order no. 024 of 07 August 2008 establishing the inquiry procedure prior to the granting of a forest concession
f. Ministerial Order no. 102/ CAB/MIN/ECN-T/15/JEB/2009/ of 16 June 2009 establishing the rules and formalities of forestry supervision.
Organisation Ministry of the Environment, Conservation of Nature and Tourism
Source http://www.leganet.cd/Legislation/Droit%20economique/Code%20Forestier/D.
http://www.Ministère de l’Environnement Conservation de la Nature et Tourisme.cd/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=59&Itemid=27
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