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Article 24 sub-paragraph 1 of the Constitution of the DRC of 18 February 2006 states that “All persons have the right to information”. However, there is still no particular law on access to public information. To date, the government has not shown any political will to move forward on this issue, even though civil society tabled a bill to the Senate before the general elections in November 2011. Since then, civil society stakeholders have opted to adapt the proposal to the “Model Bill for the Member States of the African Union on Access to Information”, drawn up under the auspices of the special rapporteur on freedom of expression and access to information in Africa. Civil society stakeholders, set up under the “Collectif 24'' platform, have formed a roundtable to take the proposal to the National Assembly on this occasion. Collectif 24 held a two-day workshop in April 2012 to mobilise civil society around the right to information and to consolidate the Bill, which was immediately endorsed by a member of the National Assembly.
Title Legislative proposal tabled to the Senate by civil society stakeholders on acces to public information.
Organisation Collectif 24, a civil society platform.
Date April 2012
Source http://fr.allafrica.com/stories/201204240456.html
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