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Reseau Ressources Naturelles (RRN) in the DRC joined the Making the Forest Sector Transparent programme in 2011. This is the second report card that it has produced. The methodology puts particular emphasis on the collection and analysis of data obtained from individuals and institutions involved in the reform of the forestry sector in the DRC.

Since August 2102 the focus has been on data collection, interviews with civil society stakeholders, the private sector and the forestry administration, plus other centralised/decentralised services. Web searches have been the main source of information in the preparation of this report. Specifically, the following documents have been consulted:

  • Law no. 011/2002 of 29 August 2002 on the Forest Code, its Implementing Texts and the Priority Agenda,
  • Report: First session of the negotiations on the Voluntary Partnership Agreement between the DRC and the European Union, in Kinshasa 15-17 February 2011 ;
  • Law no.11/09 of 16 July 2011 on the Basic Principles Related to the Protection of the Environment;
  • Law no.73-021 of 20 July 1973 on the General Regime of Property, Land and Property Law and the Special Security Regime, as modified and completed by Law no. 80-008 of 18 July 1980;
  • The Constitution of the DRC of 18 February 2006,
  • Decree no. 011/26 of 20 May 2011 on the obligation to publish any contract related to natural resources.
  • Readiness Preparation Proposal (RPP) for the DRC, version 3.1, 15 July 2010,
  • Resource Extraction Monitoring, Annual Report of the Independent Observer on the implementation of forestry law and governance 2011,
  • TEREA, Analysis of the Experience of the Reform of the Forestry Sector to Learn the Necessary Lessons and Contribute to the Reform Process in the Mining Sector in DRC (in French), August 2012,


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