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Community Forests
The 2002 Forest Code included only limited recognition of customary rights, and a community forest decree has been delayed. Civil society petitions have pressed the government to sign it and formalise communities’ rights to manage their forests. Read more...
Consultation on Logging Concessions
Companies must consult communities on a social agreement and a management plan prior to their contracts being signed, but there have been problems with this process and the government has shown a willingness to relax certain requirements. Read more...
Publication of Concession Documents
Contracts and other documents were published online for the first time in February 2012 on some of the converted logging concessions, but others are still missing and local people often cannot access information they need. Read more...
Artisanal Permits
Investigations have exposed the extent of illegal artisanal permits granted to companies, including some foreign ones, during the moratorium on logging concessions. At the same time, genuine artisanal loggers often lack legal recognition. Read more...
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Other Facts Other Facts
Vital Statistics
44 people per km2 of forest
67.8 million total population
Corruption Perception Index
Corruption Perception Index
Corrupt Clean
1,541,350 km2 forests
( 68% of land area )
-0.2% annual deforestation rate
GDP per capita PPP $373
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