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2011 > 20 Key Indicators > Legal Requirement for Stakeholder Consultation before Allocation of Commercial Logging Permits

There are no regulations requiring consultation as part of the allocation of logging permits. However, forest law and related norms require stakeholder consultation prior to the granting of concessions and as part of the development of the management plan. Industrial logging operators have to sign “social agreements” with affected local communities before forest concession contracts can be signed with the government. In practice, these negotiations have often been carried out under pressure and focused on involving customary chiefs rather than grassroots community representatives. In general, local and indigenous communities’ points of view are often not considered by decision-makers, which frequently fuels conflicts between communities, concessionaries and the government.

The granting of annual logging permits then becomes an administrative task left at the discretion of relevant authorities (the minister, governor and provincial minister) on the basis of specialised services’ advice for which no consultation is required. Steps have been initiated by civil society to improve consultation procedures, but they have faced a lack of political will.

Title Law No. 011/2002 of 29 August 2002 Forest Code
Decree n ° 08/08 of 8 April 2008 laying down the procedure for classification and declassification of forests
Decree n ° 08/09 of 8 April 2008 laying down the procedure for allocation of forest concessions
Ministerial Order No. 024 of 7 August 2008 establishing the procedure for preliminary inquiry to the granting of a timber
Organisation Ministry of Environment Conservation and Tourism
Date 2002, 2008
Source www.mecnt.cd/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=59&Itemid=27
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