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There are several types of permits: standard logging permits; artisanal logging permits; logging and carbonisation permits; harvesting of forest products permits; special logging permits; special harvesting of forest product permits. The list of logging permits is not regularly made available by the Ministry of Environment Conservation and Tourism and its agencies - only artisanal logging permits were available online from the first quarter of 2011. Moreover, the forest title conversion process has been quite transparent, even though some titles were made convertible by the inter-ministerial commission based on ‘extraordinary’ criteria which had not been selected initially.

The government should make a general effort so that all logging permits are made publicly available. In particular, strict rules are required to compel forest title holders to provide the public with information on forestry operations (declaration of tax returns, concession maps, logging distribution, exported volumes). The World Bank and the IMF have demanded the publication of forestry contracts following the review of titles and concessions that are actually in progress. Signed contracts have not yet been published.

Title a. Summary of recommendations of the Inter-Ministerial Committee for converting old titles 2008
b. List of permits for artisanal logging 2010
Organisation Directorate General of Forest Management/ Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Tourism
Date a. 16 October 2008
b. 1 February 2011
Source www.mecnt.cd
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