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The review of the Forest Code nine years after it had come into force is becoming a necessity due to the fact that the REDD+ process and the negotiations with the European Union on a Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade Voluntary Partnership Agreement are not mentioned in the current law. There are contradictions between the code and legislation for oil, water, mining and agriculture.

Local authorities have an important role to play in forestry regulation, but at the provincial level they are often incapable of producing regulations that are compatible with national regulations because of conflicting interests. Furthermore, poor governance and corruption have prevented forest authorities from producing tools to promote the participation of all key actors in DRC’s forest sector. The limited capacity of forest authorities and the paucity of financial resources allocated to the forest sector have led to the weak oversight of the forest sector in general.

Finally, these norms are not made easily available to the public or translated into local languages. At a provincial and local level, official documents, including the Forest Code, are often not made available to civil servants.

Title Law No. 011/2002 of 29 August 2002 Forest Code
Law n°11/009 on the Fundamental Principles related to the protection of the environment
Law n°10/010 dated 27 April 2010 on public procurement (Art. 1, 6 and 80.)
Decree n°08/08 dated 08 April 2008 related to the process of classifying and declassifying forests
Decree n°08/09 dated 08 April 2008 establishing the process of forest concession allocation
Ministerial order n°024 dated 07 August 2008 establishing the survey process which needs to take place before a forest concession can be granted.
Ministerial order n°102/ CAB/MIN/ECN-T/15/JEB/2009/ dated 16 June 2009 establishing the rules and formalities in forest control
Ministerial order n°090 /CAB/MIN/ECN-T/15/JEB/2009/ dated 23 January 2009 establishing measures to implement decisions to turn down requests for conversion and cancellation of former forest titles
Ministerial order n°023/CAB/ECN-T/28 /JEB/10/ dated 07 June 2010 establishing the agreement template setting out contractual obligations in connection with forest concession contracts
Operational Guide: Standards of forest zoning
Operational Guide on the model of forest management reporting
Operational Guide on the standards for land use
Framework for description of the biophysical environment,
Framework for drafting a management plan
Framework for five year management plan
Norms of forest management inventory
Norms of forest stratification
Norms for inventory stratification
Organisation Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Tourism
Date 29 August 2002
Source www.leganet.cd/Legislation/Tables/droit_economique.htm
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