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The priority agenda commissioned by the World Bank is a reference document which sets out the main issues and priorities that the Congolese government is addressing:
• cancellation of 25 million hectares of invalid or null and void forest concessions in 2002
• moratorium on allocations by mutual agreement set up in May 2002 and confirmed by presidential decree in October 2005
• reform of the forest tax system
• regular publication of the list of forest contracts and their fiscal status, so that the wider public can be informed on the management of the country’s natural resources
• legal review of forest concessions with the help of an independent expert
• recruitment of a third-party monitor to support forest law enforcement
• drafting of the main implementing documents of the forest code

The on-going drafting of the “forest policy document” has the participation of all stakeholders: forest authorities, private sector, civil society. Consultations and awareness-raising workshops have been organised in seven provincial cities in DRC without reaching the forest territories and districts.

The project might come to a standstill because of the weak consultation of forest communities living in remote areas. It is highly likely that the text will not consider the issue of access to forest resources and thus it will favour the private sector over the communities who are the actual landowners. The REDD+ issue, in the context of the current discussions on the drafting of a national policy, has been debated among stakeholders and has been included.

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Organisation Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Tourism
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