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Although the principle of access to information is mentioned in the Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Congo, there is currently no specific law on access to public information. Access to information is a taboo subject in the country. The draft law is not accessible to communities and has never been translated into the four national languages. The existing laws do not yet enable citizens to access information, particularly those related to the signature of contracts in the extractive sector, including the forest sector. One has to wait until the “draft law on access to public information” has been adopted before citizens can make the government accountable. Civil society is the main instigator of this draft law, with the support of international partners and UN agencies such as the UNDP. Civil society has opted to have it endorsed by parliamentarians, to be more precise by senators Ndjoli and Otshumapita. The draft law might be discussed when Parliament resumes in 2012.
Title 1. Law n°096-2002 dated 22 June 1996 covering the rules relating to the freedom of the press.
2. The 2006 Constitution through article 23 on freedom of speech and article 24 on the right to information.
3. Law n°10 relates to the publication of the following official documents on hard copies and on websites in the official gazette:
• laws and decrees with the force of law
• orders from the President of the Republic,
• decrees from the Prime Minister,
• orders from ministers of the Republic,
• regulatory documents from any central authority.
4. Draft law on access to public information in DRC submitted to the Senate’s approval on 26 July 2010.
Organisation Office of the President of the DRC
Senate of the Democratic Republic of Congo
Date 1. 22 June 1996
2. 18 February 2006
3. 26 February 2010
4. July 2010
Source Official Journal
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