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In accordance with the Forest Code, the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Tourism is in charge of monitoring infractions and collecting related data. It has delegated this task to the Department for Control and Verification and its forest inspectors. The Directorate for Control and Verification struggles to monitor infractions due to a lack of resources and expertise, although they are required to do so by law. Legal proceedings against parties who have committed infractions in the forests are very rare.
Title Forest Code, sections 75, 76 and 127
Ministerial Decree No. CAB.MIN/MBB/SGA/GPFP/JSK/035/2009 of March 20, 2009, relating to the creation of the Department of Control and Verification.
Organisation Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Tourism
Date 29 August 2002
20 March 2009
Source http://www.mecnt.cd/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=146&Itemid=300074
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