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The General Directorate of Administrative and State Revenue, the Bureau of Customs and Excise and the General Directorate of Taxes are entitled to recover various taxes on behalf of the public treasury. Official documents are often held by the authorities. They are not made available to the public.

Since the beginning of 2011, the government has started uploading quarterly reports to the Internet showing a summary of taxes collected from the mining, oil and forest sectors. The forest sector is not part of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI); consequently citizens cannot view the amount of taxes paid by each company, although the Timber Industrial Federation has joined the EITI. There is also no transparency in the relation to royalty redistribution. The Forest Code requires the distribution of 40% of royalties to the provincial level, including 15% to decentralised administrative entities (territorial level). This handover is not transparent because the amounts are not published.
The publication of net tax revenue from the forest sector is a positive step towards forest governance. This measure was required as part of the economic governance matrix developed by the government and the IMF/WB in March 2010.

Title Forest revenue collected by the Treasury on the initiative of the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Tourism
Organisation MECNT
Date Trimestrial
Source http://www.mecnt.cd/images/DOWN/recetf1trim11.pdf
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