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2011 > 20 Key Indicators > Strategic Environmental Assessment of Development Priorities

Environmental assessment is a new area which stakeholders should look into in DRC. The lack of skilled human resources and substantial resources prevents such studies from being properly carried out. In view of the lack of regulation on environmental assessments known to the public, there are only a few cases in the oil sector in which the government has involved civil society in this type of assessments.

It is highly likely that the REDD process and the free prior informed consent will result in more environmental impact assessments being carried out prior to any investment project. No progress is currently being made in the area of a land use planning, be it at the micro or macro level. It is a requirement as part of the REDD process, and the GTCR (REDD Climate Working Group, a civil society entity which monitors the REDD process) is advocating such a process, starting with micro zoning. There is also a lack of resources dedicated to this process.

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