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Management plans provide information on valid logging periods, locations and authorised volumes, but they are hardly ever made available to local communities affected by planned operations. According to the Forest Code, such plans have to be provided but they have not yet been published. However, operators are required to negotiate a social agreement on benefits of this logging for neighbouring communities.

The drafting of forest concession management plans requires socio-economic surveys, participative zoning and other surveys, as well as negotiations on contractual obligations, which involve local communities. Therefore any document developed in a participative manner has to be made available to these communities.

Currently, management plans are being drafted by most companies as part of the process related to the conversion of former titles and the signature of new contracts. These new contracts should include management plans and be posted on the Internet (as per World Band/IMF requirements), but it has not been done yet.

Title a. Ministerial Order No. 036/CAB MIN / No 036/CAB/MIN/ECN-EF/2006 of 05/10/2006 on the management plan of forest concessions,
b. Ministerial Decree No. 038 of 23/09/2008 for protected areas.
c. Economic Governance Programme - Action Matrix
Organisation Ministry of Environment Conservation and Tourism
Ministry of Finance / World Bank
Date a. October 2006,
b. September 2008
c. March 2011
Source www.mecnt.cd/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=59&Itemid=27
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