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Patrice Kamkuimo and Jacques Waouo
Project Leaders
Samuel Nguiffo
Secretary General

The Centre pour l'Environnement et le Développement (CED) advocates for the non-violent transformation approach to conflicts relating to access and usage of space and resources. The organisations' mission is to contribute to the protection of rights and interests, and the culture and aspirations of local communities and natives of the forests of Central Africa by the promotion of environmental justice and the sustainable management of natural resources in the region. CED was established in 1994 in reaction to a significant increase in industrial logging and the expansion of illegal forestry activity. The project is supporting CED and others in pressing for greater participation in policy formulation, in particular concerning the VPA and REDD, and for transparency regarding the allocation of forest titles/permits; production, processing and exportation; management plans; environmental impacts; service charters; forest royalties; legality assurance system; and sanctions, litigation and out of court settlements.

Centre pour l'Environment et le Developpement
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