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Each department of the Ministry of Forests and Wildlife (MINFOF) is charged with producing an annual report at the end of each year for presentation to the Minister, but these annual reports are not made public. The production of annual reports therefore seems to be hidden away within the internal systems of the forestry administration. It is essential that this should be opened up, given that all administrative documents are supposed to be made public except legislative provisions or regulations to the contrary.

According to Appendix VII of the VPA, the information on operations linked to the Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade (FLEGT) system will be contained in an annual report published by the Joint Implementation Council. The annual report of the FLEGT system should include information on:

- the quantities of timber and by-products exported to the EU under the FLEGT system;
- the quantities of timber and by-products imported into Cameroon or in transit through the country;
- action taken to prevent illegal imports of timber and by-products;
- cases of non-conformity with the FLEGT system in Cameroon and action taken to solve these cases;

This Appendix also stipulates that ÔÇťother data and reports will be published so that the agents can have access to information that is useful for the monitoring of the implementation of the agreement." The signature of the Agreement is binding on the forestry authorities to publish these annual reports.

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