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Data on the distribution of revenues from forest operations are published on a regular basis by the Forestry Revenue Securement Programme and the national daily newspaper (Cameroon Tribune). However, comprehensive information on the sums collected and distributed from forestry fees are not systematically made available to the public. The State only officially informs the public of the sums they pay into the bank accounts of each municipality. There is no official mechanism to enable local stakeholders to access information on the actual sums distributed to the local level, but some logging companies and local NGOs have provided information to inform communities of the amounts distributed in their operating areas.

Following strong protests by municipal councils after the signature of Ministerial Order 0520/MINADT/MINFI/MINFOF on the management of the income assigned to municipalities and local communities, in which certain provisions reduced their power to prevent poor management (which they have suffered for a long time), the government finally adopted a new Order in June 2012. The distribution formula remains largely the same (50% for the State, 20% for the local municipality, 20% for local authority payments and 10% for local village communities) but the following changes have been made to the people in charge of decision-making bodies and in the distribution of funds for the functioning of management and investment committees:
- At the municipal committee level, the Mayor is henceforth the President of the board. The prior Order assigned chairmanship of this committee to a representative elected by the members of the municipal board, which effectively lessened the power of the Mayors, who have always been the main 'managers' - and even embezzlers - of forestry revenues;
- The operating and investment budgets of the local committees go (respectively) from 10% to 20% and 90% and 80%, whilst at the level of decentralised territorial units a change has been made from a maximum of 20% to 30% to support municipal operating budgets, with a reduction of 10% in investments (80% to 70%)

Title Joint Order No. 0000076/MINADT/MINFI/MINFOF of 26 June 2012 establishing the modalities of planning, use and monitoring of the management of revenues from the exploitation of forestry and wildlife resources, aimed at municipalities and local village communities.
Organisation MINFOF, Technical Centre for Communal Forests
Date 26 June 2012
Source http://www.foretcommunale-cameroun.org/download/arreteconjoint0076MINFOFMINFI_MINATD.pdf
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