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The forest management plan for a concession is a document whose main objective is the establishment of activities on permanent sites through a programme (in space and time) of logging and silvicultural work, with the aim of achieving balanced and sustained harvesting. It includes the following sections:
- a description of the natural environment of a forest concession;
- mapping data;
- a forest inventory;
- land use and rights of use;
- calculation of the potential of the forest.

Forest management plans are drawn up for Forest Management Units (FMUs), communal forests, community forests and protected areas. For the FMUs, they are prepared during the interim convention period that the operator signs with the State for a (non-renewable) period of 3 years: the cost of drawing up the plans is borne by the operator and validated by an inter-ministerial committee. For communal forests, the plans are prepared before logging operations begin. A simple management plan is required for community forests before logging can start. The roles played by the different stakeholders in the preparation of the forest management plans differ from one title to another.

It is often difficult for communities to gain access to forest management plans. However, some certified logging companies produce summaries that they disseminate among the population of the areas where they operate. Full versions of some management plans are available on a website jointly set up by the Ministry of Forests and Wildlife (MINFOF), Ministry for Environment and Protection of Nature (MINEP), and GIZ within the framework of a project to monitor the impacts of the Forest and Environment Sector Programme (PSFE).

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