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Since 2002, the World Resources Institute (WRI) and the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife (MINFOF) have been working together to improve the country’s capacity for monitoring and forestry management through the use of remote sensing data and modern information management techniques. The data used to prepare the maps are jointly put together by a team consisting of personnel of MINFOF, WRI and other partners under the Technical Centre of Communal Forests and GIZ-proPSFE. This information is compiled in the Interactive Forest Atlas of Cameroon, which provides a comprehensive database containing information on forestry operations and associated activities throughout the country.

The existing maps cover: Forest Management Units, with the current status of their management plans; Sales of Standing Timber, both active and inactive; communal forests established and/or in the course of classification; protected areas (classified and proposed for classification); forest reserves; community forests; agro-industrial zones. These maps also cover mining permits, protected areas and hunting reserves in separate boxes. Nevertheless, small permits under Timber Salvage Permits and Timber Removal Authorisations remain excluded from the mapping system, which prevents monitoring of exploitation of these titles on the ground.

The maps are often distributed on request among local NGOs and local communities, or can be downloaded from the WRI website. The publication of the maps locating valid logging titles is also one of the requirements stated in Appendix VII of the VPA on public information. It is hoped that small titles will be mapped as part of implementation of this requirement.

Title Interactive Forest Atlas of Cameroon version 3.0 (summary document)
Organisation World Resources Institute (WRI) & MINFOF
Date 2012
Source http://pdf.wri.org/cameroon_forest_atlas_v3_francais.pdf
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