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2012 > 20 Key Indicators 2012 > Regulation of Environmental Services

There is no national law or regulations that govern the use of environmental services. The objectives of the reform process also do not explicitly refer to the adaptation of the forest sector management to new initiatives such as REDD+ and Payment for Environmental Services (PES), but civil society organisation have formulated proposals to take them into account as part of the forest law review. Mechanisms of PES would help to achieve the following objectives:
- contribute to better quality management of forest areas and resources ;
- help the administration to manage forests in a sustainable manner;
- generate extra income for local populations.

For example, PES pilot projects involving communities are currently under way in Cameroon in the community forests of Nomedjoh and Nkolenyeng in the east and south of the country respectively. These pilot projects are run by CED with technical support from Bioclimate Research and Climate Development and financial support from the UK Department For International Development with the direct involvement of local and indigenous communities in their community forests where they enjoy resource use rights.

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