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The current forest policy was issued in 1993 and reviewed in 1995 following the adoption of the Forest Law in 1994, but it has not been updated since then. In recent years, Cameroon has made some efforts to guarantee sustainable use of its forests in order to preserve its biodiversity and ensure that the forest heritage is protected. These efforts may be in vain if the country's forest policy is not reviewed. Parts of the permanent forest domain on land assigned to forestry activities and conservation has been affected by overlaps between logging, mining and agro-industrial permits. It is also essential to review the forest policy in collaboration with all stakeholders to reflect emerging initiatives such as the Voluntary Partnership Agreement, the REDD+ initiative and large infrastructure projects.

At the time of this assessment, the forest policy was being reviewed under the terms of reference of a consultant charged with re-reading the forest law. Among other things, the consultant has been mandated to:
- analyse the implementation of the forest policy and present the report to the Monitoring and Technical Review Commission responsible for the review of the law;
- review and amend the forest policy
According to the terms of reference, an initial report was due to be presented to a task force by the end of 2012, before being presented for review and amendment by the different stakeholders in each of the three regional forums. The amended and consolidated report will later be validated in a workshop that includes all the stakeholders in the forest sector.

Title Forest Policy of Cameroon
Organisation MINFOF
Date June 1993, reviewed in June 1995
Source http://data.Cameroon-foret.com/bibliotheque/9615
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