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Cameroon’s forests are the subject of clear title. The current zoning map is fairly inaccurate because it is based exclusively on photographs, without consideration for the reality on the ground. The zoning has been criticised because it relies on old aerial and satellite photos and it still does not take into account areas of human settlement, agro-forestry and grazing within forests; furthermore, it has absolutely not been based on the involvement or the consultation of stakeholders, particularly local communities. Some areas of human settlement were discovered within forest areas afterwards. This plan was drafted a year after the 1994 law had been promulgated and needs to be updated.

The forest zoning map of southern Cameroon has split the forests into various types and forest law has distributed the forest among the State, communities, municipalities and private individuals. This goes against customary laws which grant all forested lands to local communities. The map only covers forest areas of Southern Cameroon, excluding savannah and Sahelian areas, and is limited to forest-related activities.

The definition of a clear national land tenure policy remains a major challenge. It is therefore hoped that the current forest and land reform initiatives will lead to the drafting of a national land tenure policy.

Title Zoning plan of Southern Cameroon forests
Organisation MINFOF (Forest Department)
Date 1995
Source www.cameroun-foret.com
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