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Some efforts are being made to implement forest law. Cameroon has a national strategy for forest control which it implements with the support of the Independent Monitor (IM). In accordance with World Bank’s requirements, the Cameroonian government has introduced an Independent Monitor within the interministerial committee which was responsible for the supervision of concession allocations and an IM in charge of forest monitoring and follow up of forest offences in Cameroon.

Regarding the independent monitoring of logging operations, it is currently dealt with by the Agreco-CEW consortium and financed by the European Union. However, the question remains of what happens following the IM’s recommendations, since they are still not taken into consideration. Also, offences that are detected and reported are not always prosecuted. It should be noted that there are also independent monitoring initiatives which are led by civil society such as by the NGO LAGA in the fauna and flora sector and CED’s support for local independent forest monitoring.

Information and reports produced by the IM are made public after they have been validated favourably by the peer review committee, which is mostly represented by forest authorities. The Minister of Forestry officially approves the publication of reports. This is the only way in which those reports can be published by the IM on its website. These reports do not always influence the decision-making process, but gradual improvements can be seen. For example, recent recommendations by the IM have led to successive suspensions of small logging titles and some site managers who were party to illegal logging.

In order to strengthen its credibility with donors and the whole nation, the government must continue with the efforts made so far and break the regime of impunity.


Independent Observer of the allocation of concessions:
Cabinet Behle (to 2003)
Cabinet Bloch-Kolle (from 2003 up to date)

Independent Observer of Forests:
Global Witness (2000-2005)
Resource Extraction Monitoring (2005-2009)
Agreco-CEW (2009 up to date)

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