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Cameroon: Lessons learnt

There were some improvements in 2011 in the key indicators, notably an order from the President dated 9 August 2011 to ratify the Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) and implement this agreement with the European Union. Two development plans aimed at two protected areas are currently being validated by the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife (MINFOF), following a process which saw unprecedented consultation of local and indigenous communities through their representative bodies, which are also members of the Forest Platform coordinated by the Centre for the Environment and Development (CED).
It should also be noted that although progress is slow, the process for implementing joint order 0520/ MINADT/MINEFI/MINFOF dated 3 June 2010 setting out the terms of use and management of revenues from the exploitation of forest and wildlife resources by municipalities and village communities has supported the establishment of Community and Resident Committees in some communes, such as Mindourou, Doumé, Messondo, Lekoundjé, Ebolowa I. However, order 0520 is being reviewed and the new text was submitted to the Prime Minister’s office for his approval.
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